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Post an Office Receipt


General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Time & Billing are linked and fully integrated to the General Receipts and Checks. Receipt and Check writing is intelligent in that it defaults to the current date and the client and vendor information is automatically looked up from the appropriate client or vendor list and includes full name and address.

When receiving funds that are not attributed to a specific matter in Accounts Receivable, you can post an office receipt.



To enter and office receipt:

Choose the Office module > Receipt tab

If you have more than one account you will be prompted for the account number.
The date will default to today's date. Navigate through the fields using the Tab key and fill in the information.

A lookup is available on the "Received from" field. You can simply enter the first letter(s) of any client name, tab off the field and it will automatically be inserted.

In the GL No field, enter the GL number that should be Credited. 

A lookup is available on the GL No field. Enter a "4" in the GL No field and tab off. You will be presented with a list of all your Revenue account GL Numbers (a typical receipt GL to Credit would be Misc. Income).

Once the fields are entered, you can click Post to post (and print) the receipt or click New to enter another receipt. Receipts can be posted one at a time or in batch at a later date.



You do not have to enter the full account number if prompted for the General Bank Account number. Enter "G" in the account field and click OK. You will be presented with a list of all your General Bank Accounts.

Hotspots: There is a "hotspot" on a general office check. A hotspot is a button that can be clicked to automatically insert info into a field. Click the small round button beside the firm name at the top. This will insert the firm name in the "Received from" field.

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