Creating a New General Bank Account

1. Create a new Debit GL Account

Select the GL Module > Click the "New" icon at the top.

Select "Chart of Account"and click OK


Enter an Asset GL Number (e.g. 1012)

Enter a Description Name (e.g. RBC - General Account)

Click Accept


2. Create a New Bank

Select the Bank module > Click the New icon


Enter the bank name and hit the "tab" key on your keyboard.

You will be prompted to create a new bank. Click OK.

Enter the Bank Details and click Accept.

NOTE: If the account being created belongs to a bank that is already set up in Brief Accounting, enter the first few letters of the bank name and hit the tab key. The bank name will auto-fill. You can then enter the new GL Account and Bank Account information on the Account screen.

After the new bank information has been entered and "Accept" has been clicked, the Account screen will be displayed. Fill in the account details, using the GL Account created above.


Once the above is completed, click Accept.

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