FAQ: How do I reverse an office check?

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Reverse an Office Check


Once an Office check has been posted, then only thing you can edit without reversing is the Check number. If you need to change the Amount, Date, Payee, GL etc... you need to reverse the transaction and re-enter it.



Choose the Office module > Journal tab
Drill down to the detail of the check you posted
Choose "Reverse Transaction" from the Special menu at the top
Date the reversal the same as the original posting date, enter a reason and reverse.



Note! If the item you wish to reverse was posted in a period for which a bank rec has already been complete, you shouldn't date the reversal the same as the original posting date. This will put your previous bank recs out of balance. You should post the reversal as at the current date.

You also cannot reverse a check that has cleared the bank. A check that has cleared the bank has to first be uncleared prior to reversal.

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