Description of an Office Check

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Description of an Office Check


The Office module allows you to enter checks into the General Bank Accounts. Once entered these records are automatically entered into the General Journal. When posted the GL is automatically updated with the check transaction.


Here is a description of the fields found on an General Office check:


Check Number

The Check Number is preset in the Bank Account Information and will be displayed according to the following defaults:

If the "Check Printing ON" box has been checked then the check number will be automatically entered by the program at the time the check is posted. This field will display the word "Request".

If the "Check Printing On" box has not been checked then the check number can be edited by the user.

The program automatically increments the Check Number.

Pay to the order of

The funds are being disbursed to this party. The user can enter the first few letter(s) of the vendor's name and press the tab key. A list of vendors will be displayed. Choosing a vendor will display the vendors' name and address in the Name & Address dialog box. The address can be entered or modified and the changes will be saved in the Vendor Codes List. Windowed envelopes can be used for printing purposes.

Amount of Check

This is the amount of the funds being disbursed. Note that a check can be written on a General Account even if there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the check. The user will receive an overdraft alert.


The purpose for writing the check can be entered in this field.

File Number

Entering a valid File Number will automate the creation of a T&B Disbursement.
See: Enter an office check for disbursements


The banking institution and bank account number are displayed in the lower right hand corner of the check. It is important to check that this is the correct bank account before writing the check.

GL Distribution

The GL Disbtribution window is used to distribute the amount of the check to the various GL accounts. In this way the GL is automatically updated at the time the check is posted.

In order to post the transaction, the amount of the check must be fully distributed to the appropriate GL accounts.


This is the GL Account number to which an amount would either be debited or credited. The user can display a list of account numbers by entering the first digit(s) of the appropriate GL category. For example entering the number "6" will display all Expense accounts.

GL Account

Brief Accounting displays the appropriate GL account name according to the GL Account number entered.

Dr/Cr - Debit/Credit Amount

Enter the appropriate amount in either the Debit or Credit column.

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