Trust Administration Fee (TAF) - British Columbia

Setup and Operation of the Trust Administration Fee (TAF) - Law Society of British Columbia


Setup and Operation of the Trust Administration Fee in Brief Accounting for compliance with The Law Society of British Columbia


1. Create a new 2000 series Liability GL number, e.g. "2101", called "Trust Administration Fee Payable" 


 CLICK HERE for information on creating a new General Ledger Account.

2. Create a new Vendor called “Law Society of British Columbia” and assign the default GL number that you created above. If this vendor already exists, you may want to name the new vendor “The Law Society of British Columbia {TAF}”.


To add a new Vendor, select the Lists module > Vendor tab > click the New button at the top of the screen:


When will TAF be Applied?

Once these settings are made, Brief Accounting will auto-calculate your TAF payable to the Law Society of British Columbia.

When posting a Trust Receipt TAF will automatically be calculated for the file, unless the receipt is for fees, and the words “Fees and Disbursements” have been entered in the Reason field of the receipt. If you click the word “Reason” or the small button next to the Reason field, the words “Received on Account” account will be inserted:


 Click the button a second time and “for Fees and Disbursements” will be inserted as well:


Note: The phrase “Fees and Disbursements” must make up part of the Reason field in the receipt for exemption from TAF. It’s not case sensitive, and you can have other details typed in as well, but if that exact phrase isn’t included, the receipt will not be TAF exempt.

To set a Matter as TAF Exempt:

If you haven’t entered a receipt in the above fashion and you want to exempt the Matter from TAF - select the Matter Card (via the Client module) and click on the Bank Account description field. You will be presented with a dialog box where you can mark that matter as TAF exempt:





Option 1. Using the Time & Billing Module

Enter the $15 fee as a disbursement. Create a standard disbursement slip, using the GL number from step 1 above in the setup instructions:


TIP: Create a Disbursement Code for the TAF that will save time when entering TAF disbursement slips:

Lists module > Disburse Tab > Click New to enter a new code.

Enter the code as below and click OK:


Once the code is created, on a new Disbursement slip, enter only the code, hit the tab key on your keyboard and the slip will auto-populate with the detail:


 Option 2. Using the Accounts Receivable Module

Enter the TAF as an Invoice Item using the 2000 series GL created during setup:


Reviewing your current TAF status:

To run the TAF report showing the list of TAF exempt and TAF applicable Trust receipts as well as produce the TAF submission form:

Choose the Reports menu > Trust Liability.
Set you report period and select Trust Administration Fee.
Click Print.


If not already entered on the Company card, you will be prompted to enter your Firm’s Filing ID.

Payment to The Law Society of British Columbia (if you use Brief Accounting for General Accounting):

Choose the Office module > Cheque tab
Once you have the Cheque form up on the screen, before entering any information, click the Special menu at the very top of the screen and select “Cut TAF Cheque”.

A report and TAF form will be generated, and the cheque details will be inserted for your posting:


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