FAQ: How do I apply funds in trust to an invoice?

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Apply Trust Funds to an Invoice


In the Billing module, the "Less Funds in Trust" checkbox can be selected when printing an invoice. This will show you on the invoice that the client's trust funds are applied towards the invoice.


This is done for the benefit of the client but does not actually withdraw the trust funds and apply them to the invoice. That is a separate process.

To apply funds in trust you need to do a Trust Transfer on A/R.  The Trust Transfer on A/R posts the Trust check and creates the A/R receipt which can subsequently be posted via the Post O/S module.

1. Use the Transfer function to automatically create and post a Trust Check, as well as create an A/R Receipt (Note: the A/R Receipt will be posted in Step 2 below):

Select the A/R module on the home screen.
Click on the Transfer icon to the left.


Enter the Invoice number (the matter and amount will fill in automatically)
Set the date
Click Post

Tip! If you do not know the invoice number, you can use the File Number field or the Client field to search for it. If you enter a file number you will be presented with a list of that matter's outstanding invoices.


2. Post the A/R Receipt via the Post O/S module:

Select the Post O/S Module > Post Rcpts tab.

Select your account and click OK.

You should see the A/R Receipt that was created in Step 1 above.

Click in the Post column beside the A/R Receipt(s) that you wish to post and click the Post button at the bottom:


If you go the your A/R Statement tab > Paid side tab, you should see that the A/R Receipt has been posted and applied towards the invoice:



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