Applying Trust Funds to an Accounts Receivable Invoice


When invoicing a matter, the "Less Funds in Trust" option can be selected. This displays on the invoice the client's trust finds that will be applied towards the invoice.


The above option displays, for the benefit of the client, that the trust funds will be applied towards the invoice. It does not make the postings in Brief Accounting - that has to be done after the invoice is posted.



Use the Transfer function while the A/R module is highlighted on the main screen. This will create and post a trust check, and will also create an A/R Receipt (NOTE: the A/R receipt will be saved, not posted - posting the A/R receipt is an additional step:

Click the A/R module on the Home Screen.

Click on the Transfer icon to the left:


A screen will be displayed in order to input the details of the transfer:


If the Accounts Receivable invoice number is known, it can be entered into the "Invoice" field.

Alternately, the Matter (File number) can be used in place of the invoice number.

The Account is the general account that the trust funds will be transferred to.

Once the details are complete, click "Post".

This posts the Trust Check and saves the A/R receipt to be posted (Note: The receipt is saved but NOT posted).

To Post the A/R Receipt:

Select the Post O/S module >  Post Receipts tab:


Enter the account number of your General bank account and click OK:


A list of saved (but unposted) A/R Receipts should be listed.

Click in the Post column beside the receipt(s) to be posted, then click the Post button at the bottom:


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