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The Trust Journal is a complete listing of postings to a trust account. On initial access to the Journal tab, you are presented with the Journal Summary. This is a listing of monthly trust check and receipt postings.



Choose the Trust module > Journal tab
Enter the account number and click OK

You are presented with a Journal Summary. You will see a list of Receipt and Check totals per month. To view the details for a given month, double-click the month in question. To view All the transactions, click the Show All button.



Once you are in the monthly journal you will be presented with a listing of all trust checks and receipts.

Posted items will have a reference number in the Ref No column. If a transaction has "Request" in that column it means it has been entered but not yet posted.

To change the month end for which you are viewing, change the Month Ending field. Click the Magnifying Glass at the top of each column to filter/search for specific transaction.

Click the Print icon to print a journal report. You can print a Check Journal, Receipts Journal or a Combined Journal.

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