Post a Trust Check

Post a Trust Check


When a client has a balance of funds in trust a check(s) can be posted up to that balance amount. Brief Accounting will not allow you to overdraft a client's trust account.

Choose the Trust module > Check tab
Enter the File Number and click OK
Fill in the check details. Pay particular attention to the date
The Pay to the Order of field and the Amount field are the only two required fields
When all your detail is entered Click Post or click New to enter another check and post this item in batch later


Tip! Note the small round buttons beside the Firm Name field, the Pay to the Order field and the Reason field. These are "Hot Spot" buttons. Click to automatically insert commonly used data into the field. Clicking the Firm Name button automatically inserts the firm's name. Clicking the Reason button automatically inserts the text "Fees and Disbursements".


Important Info! Note the Check No field. If the field has a check number in it, it means that check printing is currently turned off. If the field says "request" it means that check printing is turned on and the program will confirm the check number at the time of posting and printing.

 You may wish to have check printing turned off if you do not use Brief Accounting for printing your checks. You may also want to have it turned off if you are back entering data and do not want to print the actual items.

To turn check printing on or off, go to the account card and check/uncheck the "Check Printing On" checkbox. To access an account card go to the Bank module > Account tab and pull up the account in question.

After a trust check has been posted it cannot be edited. The only information that can be changed on a posted check is the check number. Changing the check number may be necessary if you have to reprint a check. If for example the check form jammed during printing. You would need to reprint the check and assign the next check form number.

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