Post a Trust Receipt

When trust funds are received from a client, a Trust Receipt must be entered in Brief Accounting. To enter a Trust Receipt:

From the Brief Accounting Home screen, select the Trust icon > Receipt tab:


Trust transactions are entered by matter, so enter the File number and click OK:


A new blank trust receipt for the matter is displayed.

Enter the details, changing the date if necessary:


Once the receipt detail is filled out, click Post (to finalize and post the receipt).

Clicking Accept saves the receipt. Saved receipts can still be changed before posting, or deleted if required.

Clicking New saves the current receipt and displays a new blank receipt.

Tip: Clicking the small round button beside the Received From field inserts the client's name into that field. Clicking the small round button beside the Reason field inserts "Received on Account".

Once a receipt is posted, it is written to the general ledger and to the matter's trust ledger. Checks can then be written against the posted trust receipt for the matter.

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