Writing a check on Accounts Receivable (Office Module not Enabled)


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Writing a check on Accounts Receivable (Office Module not Enabled)


 At  times it is necessary to write a check on Accounts Receivable in order to send a credit balance to a client. While there is no tab in Accounts Receivable, to accomplish this function a check can be cut in the Post O/S module that will credit the A/R file for the specified matter.

1. Click the Post O/S module icon.

2. Click on the New button at the top.


3. Select Check, then type "g" in the Account field and hit tab. If you have more than one general account, select the account with which you want to write the check.

4. Enter the check as usual, except that the file number of the Accounts Receivable file must be entered and also the Debit General Ledger number should be the number of the A/R Control Account. When the GL A/R Control number has been entered, click OK in the following dialog box.

The sidetab will now read "A/R", indicating that the check posted a transaction into the Accounts Receivable module. The General Office check should now appear as something similar to the following:


5. IMPORTANT: Click the A/R side menu option to confirm that the correct file has been entered. If the side menu option is not clicked, then the following dialog box  will appear. 


6. Post the transaction as usual. A negative receipt will automatically be created in Accounts Receivable for the amount of the credit entered.


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