Accounts Receivable Statements

For any clients that were not billed during the month (i.e. did not receive an invoice) but that have an outstanding Accounts Receivable balance, they can be sent an Accounts Receivable Statement to reflect their balance owing (and interest if applicable).

Accounts Receivable statements can be printed in batch for these clients.

Note: It is important to first run the invoices for the month with all new billing. Once that is done, the Accounts Receivable Statements can be generated for those clients that did not receive invoices.

To print Accounts Receivable Statements:

Select the Reports menu from the menu bar along the top of the screen.

Select the Client Statements option.

Select Receivables Statements and click OK:


Various display options can be selected, including the option to include interest.

Select Nil & Negative Balances and Invoiced After:


The Invoiced After date should be 1 day prior to the date of the last invoices that were sent out. In the example above, this would exclude matters that received a December 31, 2018 invoice for new time.

Click Print to print the batch of statements.

To print an Accounts Receivable Statement for a single matter, CLICK HERE.

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