Reverse an A/R receipt that has been cleared against an invoice

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Reverse an A/R Receipt that has been Cleared against an Invoice

If you try to reverse an A/R receipt that has been cleared against an invoice, you will be presented with the following message:

"Payments that have been applied against an invoice cannot be reversed"

The payment can be reversed but first you need to unclear it and the invoice from Already Paid



Choose the A/R module > Statement tab and pull up the file number
Select the Paid side menu optiom on the right side
Scroll down and find the Receipt you want to reverse
Put a check mark in the Unclr column beside the receipt you want to reverse and the invoice it was applied against. It is IMPORTANT that you unclear BOTH the invoice and the payment.
Click Unclr at the bottom. This should unclear both the receipt and the invoice.
Now select the O/S side menu option. Under Outstanding you should see the invoice and receipt you just uncleared.
You can now double-click the receipt and go through the reversal process per usual.

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