Reverse an A/R Receipt that has Cleared Against an Invoice

In order to reverse an Accounts Receivable receipt that has cleared against an invoice (i.e. paid an invoice in full), both the invoice and receipt have be moved back to Outstanding.

If an attempt is made to reverse a receipt that has paid an invoice in full, the following message will appear:


Click OK, and take the following steps:

Select the A/R module > Statement tab:


In the resultant dialog box, enter the File Number and click OK:


Select the "Paid" option from the side menu:


Click in the UnClear column beside BOTH the Invoice and the associated Payment(s):


IMPORTANT: It is important to unclear equal amounts of invoices and payments to keep the file in balance. When UnClearing, make sure the "Total to UnClear" reads "NIL" as shown:


With the items to unclear selected, click the UnClear button at the bottom.

The uncleared items, will disappear from the Cleared screen and move to O/S.

Select the O/S side menu option . The invoice and receipt that were uncleared will be displayed.

Double-click on the receipt to view the detail.

From the Special menu along the top menu bar of the screen, select "Reverse Transaction".

Follow the prompts to reverse the transaction.

Note: The invoice will remain Outstanding to allow a new payment to be applied towards it, or for it to be written off if required.

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