Reverse an A/R invoice

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Reverse an A/R Invoice

Once an invoice has been posted to the General Ledger, it cannot be deleted or edited. It can however be reversed. Reversing an invoice, creates a counter transaction to back out the original invoice posting.


To reverse an invoice:

Select the A/R module > Statement tab and pull up the matter in question
Double-click the invoice you want to reverse to view the detail
From the menu bar along the top of your screen, select the "Special" option then select Reverse Transaction
Click Reverse
Enter the reversal date (in general use the original posting date)
Enter a reason
Click OK

NOTE: Any slips that were on the invoice are automatically moved back to Billable so they can be amended/deleted before reposting the invoice.

NOTE: If the invoice you wish to reverse isn't Outstanding and it has already been cleared to Paid, you need to unclear it from Paid before you reverse it. Make sure you unclear both the invoice and any payments that were applied to it so they are both outstanding.

A reversal does not delete the transaction. It creates a counter-transaction. This ensures an audit trail for all transactions. 

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