Enter an A/R receipt for multiple matters

An Accounts Receivable Receipt may be entered for a single invoice or it may be applied towards multiple invoices waiting a single or multiple matters. 

To enter an invoice for multiple matters:

Select the A/R module > Receipt tab.

If prompted, enter the General Bank Account that the receipt will be posted to. If there is only a single general bank account, a new blank receipt will be displayed.

Enter the total amount of the receipt.

In the A/R Disbursement section, enter the File Number of the first file that the receipt is being applied to:


Once the File is entered, hit the "tab" key and a list of outstanding invoices for the file are displayed:


Select the Invoice(s) to pay and click OK.

NOTE: If the matter has only a single outstanding A/R invoice, entering the File number will automatically populate the A/R Disbursement section with the invoice number and amount.

The invoices(s) will be displayed on the receipt:


To add another invoice to pay, enter the new file number below the displayed entries and click the "tab" key. Select the invoice to be paid and click OK:


NOTE: Tha balance to Disburse must read "In Balance" in order to post the receipt. If not, the receipt amount or the entries under A/R Disbursement must be adjusted.

Click Post to post the receipt.

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