Writing Up or Down an Invoice

From time to time, work may be done for a client for an agreed upon flat fee. In Brief Accounting, you need to produce an invoice for the agreed upon amount, but still track all of the attorney's hours for the work done on the file.


To accomplish this, see the following example, using an amount of a $500.00 invoice.


Enter all the slips as usual, using the attorney's default rate (this will be adjusted later).

The total for the slips entered is $600.00:


To adjust this amount down (or up), click the Modify button at the bottom of the screen.

Then click the Write Up/Down button:


Enter the amount that you want the fees to total, and check the Flat Fee check-box so the attorney's hours worked are not impacted:


This creates a slip for a negative amount and brings the total fees to the amount specified:


When printing your Prebill (and posting your invoice), if you DO NOT want the Write Up/Down slip to appear for the client:

Click the Options button on the first screen after slecting Print or Post:


Clear the Rate and Fee check-boxes and click OK:


The resultant invoice will display the hours worked ad the flat fee amount:




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