Equitrac - Exporting Matter List Updates

Firms using Equitrac cost recovery software are able to export updated matter lists from Brief Accounting.

The Equitrac export file is a text file (.txt) that can then be imported into Equitrac.*

To produce the export file from Brief Accounting:

1. Confirm with Brief Legal Software (support@brieflegal.com) that Equitrac has been enabled for your firm.

2. From the Brief Accounting Home Screen, go to the Reports menu (on the menu bat at the top of your screen).

    Select the "Matters" option from the report menu.

3. Select "Equitrac - Matter List" as the Info Link to Print to File.

    Select the date range that you would like (the date range should include all dates where matters may have been added to or modified in Brief Accounting).

    Select Print to "File" and click the "Print" button.


4. You will be prompted to save the file. The name format will be "Equitrac List" and will use the date that the list was created.

    Click the "Write" button:


5. Save the text file in a location where it can be easily accessed and imported into Equitrac.


* Equitrac may need to be configured by your IT person or by Equitrac to accept the Brief Accounting export file.

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