FAQ: How do I change the appearance of the Client name on invoices?

Changing the way the Client Name is Displayed on Invoices

When billing clients, sometimes it is desirable to display the client name one way in Brief Accounting and another way on the invoice that is sent to the client.

For example, client names may be entered in Brief Accounting in the format:

LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (e.g. Pepper, Shawn)


However, on the printed invoice to the client, you would like to display the name as:

FIRST NAME LAST NAME (e.g. Shawn Pepper)


Brief Accounting allows you do to this using the Client Long Name. It allows you to format the name one way in Brief Accounting and another way when printed on invoices.


To set this up:

Client module > Client tab and pull up the client in question. The example here is "Pepper, Shawn".


Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and single-click on the Client field name header (as above).

Enter the Client name as you would like it to display on invoices. Click OK.


After this is done, when a Prebill or Invoice is printed for this client, the name will appear as "Shawn Pepper" but will remain "Pepper, Shawn" in Brief Accounting:


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