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With Brief Accounting you can generate electronic task based billing invoices in the following formats:


Most companies that require electronic task based billing invoices will accept one of the above formats. If you are uncertain which format you require, please contact the insurance company or the electronic billing provider.

Your Brief Accounting installation is preloaded with the ABA Litigation Codes (L, A and E codes) so you can correctly mark each time and disbursement slip.

The method for printing a prebill or posting an electronic invoice is the same as a regular invoice apart from an extra screen at the end of the process asking you which format you require. A text file is then created, ready for uploading via the electronic invoice service provider.

There are a few important steps you need to take to get setup for Task Based Billing:


EIN or Incorp Number (Canada): Make sure your firm’s EIN number is entered in the Company module on the Company tab in the EIN field. Your EIN number is output to the LAW_FIRM_ID field in the Task Based Billing invoice. This is a required field and your invoice will be rejected if it does not contain your EIN number.


There are a couple of key pieces of information that need to be entered on the matter card for any matter that will be invoiced electronically. Your provider will either provide you with these two pieces of data or they will be something you setup with them.

CLIENT_ID: Enter the CLIENT_ID provided by the insurance provider in the AKA field on the Matter card in Brief Accounting. The data you enter in the AKA field is output in the CLIENT_ID field in the Task Based Billing invoice. This is a required field and your invoice will be rejected if it does not contain the CLIENT_ID. If you are unsure what the CLIENT_ID is for a given matter, contact the insurance company.


CLIENT_MATTER_ID: The CLIENT_MATTER_ID will be provided by the insurance provider.

The CLIENT_MATTER_ID needs to be entered in two different places on the matter card in Brief Accounting.

On the Matter card select the arrow drop-down on the top right and select "Info". Enter the CLIENT_MATTER_ID in the Case No. field.

Note! If the Info sidetab on the Matter card isn’t active, change the Practice Area to Litigation. This will enable the Litigation info link and the Info sidetab will be activated.

You also need to enter the CLIENT_MATTER_ID in the "Other: File" field. Click the drop-down arrows at the top right corner again and select Notes. Enter the CLIENT_MATTER_ID in the "Other: File" field.


When entering a slip that is going to be billed on an electronic invoice you need to make sure you have entered both a Task code and an Activity code to the slip.

In either Brief EnCounter or Brief Accounting, on a blank slip:

For time slips - in the Task field, enter your “L” code - you can type “L” in the Task field then hit the tab key to be presented with a list of all the L codes. In the Activity field enter your “A” code.

For disbursement slips - just enter an “E” code in the Task field; no Activity code is required.


Note! To print off a complete list of L and A codes go to the Lists module > Time Codes tab in Brief Accounting and check Show UTBM Codes. You will be presented with a list of all the L and A codes. Click Print to print a report listing the codes. Click the Disburse tab and click Show UTBM to see all of the E codes.



When ready to issue an invoice, go to the Billing module > Summary tab.

Pull up the File Number in question and click OK.

Click the Post button. On the next screen - select your desired option and check the Task Based Billing File check box. Select Print to Printer or Screen for the invoice hard copy and click the Post button.


Proceed through the usual posting steps, selecting the desired invoice options.

After the Mark as Billed screen and after the hard copy has been sent to the printer or to screen, you will be presented with the Task Based Billing dialog box. Select the Method and change other details if necessary. Click OK

Note! After you select the method, you can likely just leave the rest of the fields their default.


You will be presented with a save file dialog box and a default file name. Click Write. Choose a location to save your electronic invoice to and click Choose. Your electronic invoice will be saved to the location you selected.

You can now submit the invoice to your provider.


A file may be rejected for a number of different reasons. Normally when a file is rejected, the provider will provide you with specific details on the reason for the rejection. If a file is rejected:

Make sure all the fields as detailed under GENERAL and MATTER setup are filled out.

If you’ve posted an electronic invoice but need to add/edit the firm EIN number, the AKA field or the Case No field you can make the edit and reprint the invoice without reversing. You can reprint any electronic invoice via the following:

    Reports menu > Client Statements > Rewrite Task Based Billing File

If you posted and electronic invoice but need to add/edit data contained on a given slip you need to reverse the invoice via the normal invoice reversal procedure.

4. If a file is rejected and you are unsure how to correct, please contact Brief Legal Software support and provide us with the rejection details from the provider. We will assist you in making the necessary changes so your invoice is approved.

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