Importing Slips from Brief EnCounter into Brief Accounting

BA Icon  Importing Slips from Brief EnCounter into Brief Accounting

After you have exported your slips from Brief EnCounter, you need to import them into Brief Accounting:


From the main Brief Accounting screen, click on the Billing module.

Click the Imp/Export icon:


Select Import File and click OK


Click as below to select the Brief EnCounter Export File to import:


Browse to the export file you created from Brief EnCounter. It should look something like the icon below, listing the initials of the Brief EnCounter user and the date of export:


Once selected, click Import.

The slips that were brought in will be listed as Billable in the applicable matters. They can be edited or modified as required in Brief Accounting before invoices are posted.



To view a list of slips that were brought in from any given Brief EnCounter Export:

Reports menu > Timekeeper > List of Slips Entered > Doc


Click OK

When prompted, enter the name of the export file from Brief Encounter that you want to view slips for (copying and pasting the file name works best for this). Using the example above, it is:


Click OK

This will produce a report listing the detail for each slip in any given Brief EnCounter export (Brief Accounting Import).



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