FAQ: How do I set default invoice print options?

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Default invoice options setup


There are many different options with regard to what is or is not displayed on an invoice or a prebill in invoice format. All of the various options can be modified at the time of posting. You can however set default options that will be preselected when you go to post. Below is a description of the various invoice options.


To access the default invoice options:

Choose the Company module > Defaults tab > Billing sidetab

Here you will find the various options. A few of the options are specific to T&B invoices only. Most however apply to both T&B and A/R invoices.

Include T&B Billing Summary - The Billing Summary appears at the bottom of the invoice. It summarizes the total hours worked at various rate levels for each of the timekeepers.

Use Matter Long Description - Rather than the system default invoice reference message of "For Services Rendered in Connection...", this sets the reference line to use your Matter Long Description.

Include Aged A/R - This sets whether or not any outstanding invoices will be shown in the subtotaling area as outstanding. The default option "Auto" will trigger the Aged A/R to show by default for any matters that have outstanding A/R at the time their new invoice is posted.

Include A/R Subsequent Payments - This sets to show payments that were made by the matter after the posting date of the invoice. These payments would then be reflected properly as paid against outstanding A/R.

Include A/R Interest - This sets to show interest as being applied to any outstanding A/R.

Less Funds in Trust - This sets whether or not those matters with funds in trust will show those funds as applied to the invoice balance. The default option "Auto" will trigger the Less Funds in Trust to show by default for any matters that have funds in trust at the time their new invoice is posted.

Format Zero Balance as - A zero balance can be printed as "Nil" or "$0.00".

Invoice Footer - Select the format of the invoice footer.Â

Default Invoice Type - This determines the header across the top of the invoice.

Credit Memos use Invoice as Title - This changes the default header from "Credit Memo" to "Invoice" on invoices that are for a negative amount.

Include Remittance Advice
- This will include a remittance form at the bottom of the invoice.

Include Printed in Country - Will include "Printed in USA" or "Printed in Canada".

Include GJE Number - This will include the GJE number.

Include Message - This will include either a signature line and invoice message or simply a message. The content of the message can be edited on the Company module > Defaults tab.

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