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Before you post an invoice or a batch of invoices, you want to make sure that you have:

1. Filtered the Matter List to contain only those matters you want to invoice
2. Set the proper Date Ending
3. Set invoice type - Batch Bill Matters or Batch Bill Clients
4. Run prebills to ensure the content is correct

After you post an invoice, you cannot make changes to the content. A posted invoice is "written in stone". You can reverse a posted invoice, make changes and repost however a record of the original posting is maintained for auditing purposes and a new invoice number is assigned on the new posting. It should be stressed that reversals should not be taken lightly. Constant reversing and reposting of items does make a lot of unnecessary postings to your general ledger.

Assuming you have filtered you matter list, set you invoice type and check marked the matters to bill, you proceed with posting an invoice as follows:

Click the Post button
The Print and Post slips dialog box will appear. The default setting "Statement of Fees & Disbursements" will be checked. This is the most common setting.
Click the Options button and set the level of detail you want on the line items . To make your settings the default for all your postings, click the Default button. To maintain these settings for this run of invoices only, click OK
Click the Post button
An address confirmation box will launch. Confirm the address is correct and click OK
A Print T&B Statement dialog box will launch. This is where you set various print options such as the Invoice Heading, Billing Summary, Signature and Message etc...

Make your settings selections, confirm the Invoice Date, set your Print To option and click Print
A dialog box will pop-up, prompting you to Mark as Billed. Click Mark
Your invoice(s) will print

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