Prebill for a Single Matter

Prior to posting an invoice, a Prebill should be printed. A Prebill is essentially an unposted invoice that allows you to review invoice items and make any changes prior to posting (finalizing) the invoice.

Prebills can be printed in either Prebill format or in Statement of Fees & Disbursements format. Both provide the same information but the Statement of Fees & Disbursements  format replicates the format of the final invoice to the client.

To Print a Prebill:

From the Home screen in Brief Accounting select the Billing module and click the Summary tab:


In the Find Files/Matter(s) dialog box, type the file number into the File No field, change the Date Ending if required, and click OK:


Note: In the example above, changing the Date Ending to September 30 will exclude from the prebill any slips dated after September 30. The slips that are excluded will remain billable to be included in a subsequent billing cycle.

A Summary of activities will appear for the file. The total number and amount of time and disbursement entries are displayed. The Accounts Receivable balance and Funds in Trust are also displayed (if any).


To print the prebill, click the Print icon at the top of the screen. The dialog box below will be displayed. Click Print to continue:


The following dialog box will appear allowing various options to be displayed on the Prebill. Click the Print icon to print the prebill to screen:


The prebill will be displayed on screen in Preview:


Note the balance forward from an unpaid July invoice.

The prebill can be printed to Screen, to PDF (saved) or directly to Printer. Note that the Invoice Number on the top right of the prebill reads "Prebill". Prebills can be re-printed as many times as required. An invoice number is not assigned until the invoice is posted.

Note: Prebills should be printed from the Summary tab in the Billing module so that both Time activities and Disbursements are included. Printing the prebill from either the Time tab or the Disbursement tab will print only Time activities or Disbursements respectively - not both.

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