Prebill Type Selection and Printing

BA Icon  Prebill Type Selection and Printing

You can run prebills in Prebill Report format or in Statement of Fees & Disbursement format. Both formats provide much of the same information, however the Statement of Fees & Disbursements format prints the prebill in a format that replicates the final invoice. Aside from not assigning an invoice number, the prebill in Statement of Fees & Disbursement format looks exactly the same as the final invoice will.

Assuming you have already filtered for a single matter or for a batch of matters, here are instructions for printing the prebill(s)

Click the Print icon at the top
The default format is Prebill Report. If you wish to print the prebill in this format click Print

If you wish to print the prebill in Statement of Fees & Disbursements format, uncheck Prebill Report and check Statement of Fees & Disbursements

Click Print

Check or uncheck the various invoice options (Billing Summary, Signature & Message etc...)

Click the Options button to set the level of detail for the line items then Click OK

Click Print when you are satisfied with your print option selections.


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