Consolidated Client Invoice / Prebill


Consolidated Client billing allows multiple matters belonging to the same client to be included on a single invoice to the client. Each matter is summarized individually on the invoice, with a summary of all matters at the bottom. Brief Accounting allows the flexibility to include / omit individual matters from a given client invoice based on user preference.

To print / post a consolidated client invoice:

Select the Billing module icon > Summary tab:


Select "Active Only" and click OK:


A list of all matters that have billable (unbilled) time / costs is displayed.

IMPORTANT: From the drop-down menu on the right, select the "Batch Bill Clients" option:


Once the above option is selected, click in the left-hand column beside the matter(s) to be included on the consolidated invoice.

NOTE: Only matters associated with the same client will be included on a single invoice. If matters for more than one client are selected, a separate invoice will be created for each client.

Once the matters to be included on the invoice are selected, click the Post button at the bottom to post (finalize) the invoice. Alternately click the Print icon at the top to print a prebill for review before the invoice is finalized:


Note in the above example: Only the Deer-01 and Deer-02 matters will be included on the single invoice for Barbara Deer. Deer-03 may be posted later individually or left until the next being cycle and posted on a subsequent client invoice.

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