Print a Batch of Prebills or Invoices


Prebills or invoices can be printed in batch rather than individually.

Select the Billing module > Summary tab.

Click in the "Active Only" checkbox to display on the matters that have unbilled time/costs.

Enter the Date Ending date. This is the last day of the billing cycle - typically a month-end date.

The Responsible Attorney can be filtered for as well to include only prebills/invoices from that attorney. Leave as "all" to include prebills/invoices for all attorneys.

Click OK.


A list of matters with unbilled slips is displayed.

The balances reflect the total value of time and disbursement slips for each matter up to the Date Ending Date.

To select all matters in the list to include in the batch billing, click the checkmark column heading on the left. This will select all matters listed with a balance:


To print only selected matters, click in the lefthand column beside the matter (clicking on a checkmark will de-select it, clicking in that column where there is no checkmark will add a checkmark beside the matter to include in the batch of bills).


To Print a Batch of Prebills:

Click the Print button at the top of the Matter List screen.

All matters with a checkmark beside them will be included.


To Post and Print a Batch of Invoices:

Click the Post button at the bottom of the Matter List screen. Invoice formatting and printing options will be displayed.

All matters with a checkmark beside them will be included.

Once an invoice is posted, changes cannot be be made. If changes are require, the invoice can be Reversed.

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