Print a Prebill or Invoice for a Single Matter

BA Icon  Print a Prebill or Invoice for a Single Matter



Here is how you filter for a single matter when you want to run a prebill or post an invoice.

Choose the Billing module > Summary tab
Enter the File Number
Set the Date Ending date. (NOTE: this the last day of your billing cycle - typically a month-end)

Click OK

You will be taken to the Summary screen, showing the number of Time and Disbursement entries.
You will also see the Funds and the A/R Balance outstanding if there is one.

To post and print the invoice, click the Post button at the bottom of the screen. you will be presented with invoice formatting and printing options at this time. Once an invoice is posted, changes to slips cannot be made without reversing the invoice.

To print a prebill, click the Print icon at the top of the screen.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are on the Summary tab, so both Time AND Disbursement slips are included on the invoice.

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