FAQ: How do I move a matter from one client to another?

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Move a matter from one client to another


A matter can be moved from one client to another client. If the client to which the matter is being moved is set to have Client Based Rates then the matter takes on the new client's rates as its default.

To move a matter:

Choose the Client module > Matter tab
Pull up the matter you want to move
Delete the client name as it currently exists and enter the name of the client to which you want it to be moved
Click Accept

A few things to note:

When entering in the client name, just enter the first few letters of the name and tab off the field. You will be presented with a list of clients that start with those letters. Select the proper client name from the list.

If you enter a name for a client that has not yet been setup in Brief Accounting, you will be prompted "Okay to create NEW Client?". If you need to create this client card, click OK, enter the client card info and click Accept to be taken back to the Matter card.

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