Creating New Client and Matter Cards

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In order to post any transactions (enter time, costs, create invoices, etc.) for a client, both a Client card and a Matter card must be created. A single client may have one, or multiple, matters associated with it.

Each matter is given a unique file number up to 10 characters long. Brief Accounting can automatically assign sequential matter numbers for new files, or you can over-ride and enter in your own alpha-numeric matter number. Notes can be attached to each client and matter.

Brief Accounting allows you to efficiently manage your client database by:

Requiring you enter client information only once
Allowing multiple matters per client
Automating matter file numbering
Showing up-to-date account balances and last transaction date on matter card
Using task oriented data entry
Searching quickly and intelligently
Tying billing rate and trust bank account information to each matter


Creating a New Matter for a New Client

Choose the Clients module
Click the New button

A blank Matter Record will appear. Brief Accounting auto-assigns the next sequential file number to the matter. This can be typed over to change if necessary.

Type the new client's name and press Tab.

Click OK to create a new client. A new Client information card will appear.

Enter the client's name. Navigate through the remaining fields using the Tab key to enter client information:

Referred by
Phone Numbers


Once you have finished entering the information, click the Matter tab. The new client record will be added to the database and you will be returned to the new matter for that client. Enter the specific details of the matter:

Short Desc
Long Desc
Bank Acct number
Date Opened
Responsible Attorney
Practice Area


You are now back at the Matter card. Navigate through the remaining fields using the Tab key to enter:

Once you have finished entering all the information, simply click Accept. The new matter is created.

Creating a New Matter for an Existing Client

Choose the Clients module > New icon:


Enter the client name (or part of the client name with the "@" wildcard search symbol) and hit the tab key:


A new Matter card will be displayed for the Client:


Enter in the Matter details and click Accept.

TIP: When viewing any client card, all matters that belong to the client are displayed in the bottom-right corner:





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