Brief Accounting Data File Backup - Professional Edition Version 9 (Client/Server)

Brief Server Version 9 has a built-in automated back up process that allows you to set when and where your Brief Accounting Data file will be backed up. To setup/modify the backup settings, proceed as below:

From your Brief Server Administration Window, select the Maintenance Option and click the Preferences button:


NOTE: If you cannot see the Administration Window as above on your server, click on the Brief Server icon on your dock, then from the menu bar at the top of your screen, select Window > Administration.

After you click Preferences above, a new screen will appear. Select the Backup option and Scheduler tab:


From the Automatic Backup menu, you can schedule the timing of your data backup. We typically recommend selecting "Every Day" from the Automatic Backup menu, and entering a time that is likely to have no users connected to Brief Accounting. For example, set the backup to daily at 2:00 am:


Once the time is set, select the Configuration tab. This is where you can set the location of your backup files. Select only the Data File to be backed up, then click the lookup button to select the Destination Folder.  


You need to create a folder in another location, on an external drive, or shared drive on the network named "Brief Accounting Data Backups" and back up to this folder.


Once the destination folder is set, select the "Backup & Restore" tab. Here you can set backup parameters. Set the number of backups (days) that you want to keep. You can also set it to only create a backup file if the data has been modified (this eliminates keeping identical copies of the data file during days when no one is working). Do not select "Restore last backup if data file is damaged".


Once the settings are complete, click OK to save.

After a few backups have been saved, feel free to contact We will be happy to take a look at the backup file to ensure the backup data is intact.

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