Repairing a Brief Accounting Version 9 Data File

Occasionally, it may be necessary to repair a Brief file. Brief Accounting Version 9 has a built in Maintenance Center to accomplish this.

To repair a data file


1. Open Brief Accounting while holding down the option key on your keyboard.

    You will see the following screen:


    Select the Open the Maintenance and Security Center option and click Continue.


2. Click the Compact button on the left, then click the Compact records and indexes button:


    When complete, you should see a green checkmark:


3. Click the Verify button on the left, then the Verify the records and indexes button:


4. You should see green checkmarks once verified. You can then close the Maintenance Center:


5. Once the verification is complete, use Finder to open the folder that contains your Brief Accounting data file (by default this is your Applications > Brief Accounting folder). You should see a folder named Replaced Files (Compacting) YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss (date and time of maintenance). Delete this folder:


6. You can then open Brief Accounting as usual.


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