Brief Accounting Data File Upload (Windows)

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Brief Accounting Data File Upload (Windows)


To upload your data file to Brief Legal Software's secure server, you need to take the following steps:

Compress your data

1. Put your mouse over your Start menu and right-click 
2. Select Explore 


3. Windows Explorer will open showing you all the folders on your computer. Browse to your Brief Accounting folder.

The default location for Brief Accounting is "C:\Program Files\Brief Accounting"

4. In the Brief Accounting folder, right-click on the file called "Brief Accounting.4DD" and select Send To the Compressed (zipped) Folder



5. This will create a file called "Brief"

Note! - If you can't see a file called "Brief Accounting.4DD", just a few files called "Brief Accounting" then you need to change the Windows Explorer window to show Details (View menu > select "Details"). Now compress the Brief Accounting file with the Type "4D Data File".)


Rename the Compressed Data File

After compressing, please rename the file to denote the name of your firm and the date.

Example: The firm "Legal Eagles" sending Brief Accounting data on November 30th would be “LE" 


Drag the compressed data file to your desktop.


Upload the Compressed and Renamed Data File

Now access our data upload site by clicking on the following URL:

Enter your name, then click the "Browse" button:


Browse to the compressed data file that you dragged to your desktop and click Open. It will begin uploading and you will see a progress bar of the upload:


Once it reaches 100% you can leave the page as well as delete the compressed data file from your desktop.

Brief Legal Software is automatically notified of your data file upload.


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