Brief Server Data File Upload (Mac OS X)


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Brief Server Data File Upload (Mac OS X)

For Brief Accounting Professional installations, the following steps must be taken to upload your Brief Accounting data file:


1, Ensure ALL users have logged out of Brief Client.


2. Shut down the Brief Server Application:

Right-click (or control + click if using s single-button mouse) on the Brief Server icon on the dock and select Quit:



The following window will appear:


Enter "0" as the time to disconnect and click OK. This will stop Brief Server.


3. Compress your data file

Open Finder > Browse to your Brief file. 

This should be in your Applications > Brief Server folder.

Right-click (or Control + Click if you have a single-button mouse) on Brief

Select Compress "Brief"

Depending on your version of OS X, the menu item may be named Create Archive of "Brief"



This creates a file named Brief


4. Rename the Compressed Data File

Rename this file using the initials of your firm and the current date. For example if Stern Law Group were to upload their data file on July 7, 2010, they would rename Brief to:

5. Drag the compressed data file to your Desktop


6. Upload the compressed Data File

Open your internet browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.) and go to:

Enter your name, then click the "Browse" button:


Browse to the compressed data file that you dragged to your desktop and click Open. It will begin uploading and you will see a progress bar of the upload:


Once it reaches 100% you can leave the page as well as delete the compressed data file from your desktop.

Brief Legal Software is automatically notified of your data file upload.


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