Brief Accounting Data File Backup - Standard Edition


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Brief Accounting Data File Backup - Standard Edition


Regularly backing up your Brief Accounting data file is extremely important. Any database, no matter how stable or secure, is susceptible to data corruption. Most errors can be resolved by our support team, however corruptions can occur that make the database irrecoverable. You also need to backup to protect against fire or theft.

Regularly backup your Brief Accounting data file to ensure any losses that may occur are minimal.


Tips to Remember:

You need to only backup a single file: your Brief Accounting Data File. This file is named "Brief" on the Mac and "Brief Accounting.4DD" on Windows machines.

Do not store multiple copies of your data file on the same machine. It is extremely important that you do not make copies of your data file and store them uncompressed on your working machines. If you have multiple data files on the same machine, it is too easy to mistakenly open the wrong data file and start entering data. Just make sure that you compress any copies you make (.zip) and this problem will never occur.

Regularly test your backups to ensure the backup media is functioning correctly. We have had clients go to use their backup data and found the tape or disk system wasn't working correctly. All of their backups were corrupt.

Periodically move a backup offsite so you are protected against theft or fire. We have had clients that were only backing up their data file to a second machine in the office. The office was broken into and all computers were stolen.

Print out your posting reports daily. Your posting reports give you a hard copy of every posting that has been made in your data file. These can be used to bring your data file up to date from the time of your last backup or in a worst case scenario, to completely reproduce months worth of posting should you not have a recoverable backup.


If you do not know where your data file is stored, you can use Brief Accounting to find the data file location.


For BRIEF SERVER VERSION 8 backup, click here.

For BRIEF SERVER VERSION 9 backup, click here.




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