Brief EnCounter 5.5 Update


Please take the following steps:

1- Download the latest Brief EnCounter 5.5 update from the following URL:

CONTACT for download URL

After download move the resultant "Brief EnCounter" application to your existing Brief EnCounter folder in your Applications folder. Replace the existing application.

2- There is an OS X Security Setting you need to disable the first time you launch Brief EnCounter.

Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences
Select Security
Under Allow applications downloaded from, change it to Anywhere.

Once you run Brief EnCounter, you can change this setting back to the original.

3- Disable App Nap

Browse to the Brief EnCounter application in Finder and do a Get Info on the Application (Command+I on your keyboard) Select the Prevent App Nap check box.

 4- Launch Brief EnCounter. The first time you open the application, you may be see a message that no data file was found. If so, click Open and browse to your "Brief EnCounter.4dd" or "Brief" file. This should be in your Brief EnCounter folder.

 You will get the following message:


Click OK.

If you have any trouble with the update, please contact Brief Legal Software.




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