Brief DataSync: Brief Accounting Pro

Brief DataSync is a way for users running Brief Accounting Professional Edition to seamlessly sync information between Brief Accounting and Brief EnCounter.

With DataSync enabled, there wil appear a Sync icon in Brief EnCounter.

Click on the Sync icon from the Home screen in Brief EnCounter to sync:

Matter List





Click on the Sync button from the Slips screen to send slips to Brief Accounting:


NOTE: Clicking Sync on the Slips screen will send ALL slips visible in Brief EnCounter to Brief Accounting. If you want to send only a partial slips list to Brief Accounting, you can click on any of the Magnifying Glass icons in the column headings to filter. For example, to filter for slips dated March 1 through March 20, the list would be filtered as follows:

1. Click on the magnifying glass icon beside the date column heading:


2. Enter the date range of sips that need to be synced, then click Search:


3. Only the slips within the searched date range will be visible on the Slips screen:


4. Then click the Sync button to send only those slips to Brief Accounting.

You will be left with only the slips outside of the filtered date range:




If a matter does not show up in Brief EnCounter after Syncing from the Home screen, change the following setting:

File menu > Preferences option.

Clear the Last DataSync date and Save.



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