Exporting a filtered (short) slips list

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Exporting slips for accounts


There may be a circumstance where you wish to export only a selection of your slips rather than all the slips in your slips list. Here is how you can export a filtered list.

To Export a Slip:

Select the slips tab > Click Find
Enter the date range > Click Find



Once you have your slip list, click the Export button
The "Save As" box appears, prompting you to name the file you are creating
Click OK

The "Choose a Folder" screen appears, asking you where to save the file > Select an appropriate folder and click Choose

You will then be asked if you wish to "Purge All Slips?". Selecting Yes deletes the exported slips from Brief EnCounter - it will not delete slips that were not exported. Selecting No leaves them there, unchanged.

In practice, if you have procedures in place, the Accounts Department will most likely be expecting your slips by a certain time/day, and will find them in the agreed central location that you've just exported them to, ready for importing into Brief Accounting.

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