Entering Time & Disbursement Slips


To Enter a Time Slip:

From either the Home screen or the Slips screen in Brief EnCounter, click New:



Confirm the date on the slip is correct, if not, edit the date field.

In the ID field, enter the initials of the Timekeeper billing time on the slip.

Alternately, click the magnifying glass icon beside the ID field:


In the resultant dialog box, click the Timekeeper:


Enter the file number in one of the three methods below:

1. Enter the complete file number directly into the "File" field.


2. Type a portion of the file number in the "File" file and hit the tab key.


in the resultant dialog box, click the applicable file from the list:



3. Click the magnifying glass icon beside the "File" field:


In the resultant dialog box, click the file to select it:


Use the tab key to navigate through the remaining fields. The default rate may be edited if required.


Once the details have been entered, click Save. The Slips screen containing a list of saved slips is displayed.

Alternately, once a slip has been entered, click the "New" icon at the top of the screen. The existing slip is saved and a new blank slip screen is displayed allowing slip details to be entered.

TIP:  The "Code" field may be used to enter a short code and will insert the associated longer description (and default hours if setup) into the Description field. A list of codes can be seen and printed from the Codes tab in Brief EnCounter:


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