Send matter list updates from Brief Accounting to Brief EnCounter

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Send matter list updates from Brief Accounting to Brief EnCounter

Updating Matter, Timekeeper, Rate or Code information in Brief EnCounter is done via a single-file export from Brief Accounting. This file is then imported to Brief EnCounter.



To produce a single-file export:

Choose the Billing module
Click the Imp/Export button

Select Export File and Click OK

Select your records

On the Select Records to Export screen you can input the settings to select the data you wish to export and update in Brief EnCounter.

By default all of the checkboxes are checked. Checking or unchecking the Export Timekeepers, Export Codes or Export Billing Rates sets whether or not you want to export all or none of that information.

Note! We recommend simply leaving all the checkboxes checked. This will ensure all changes in Brief Accounting are captured.

With the Export Matters checkbox checked, you can further filter for the Matters you want to export and update.

The most common method of filtering Matters is via the Modified After date. The Modified After date filters for only those Matters that have been added or edited after the date entered. The default date is one month prior to the current date. If you are ever unsure as to what date should be set, you can simply set the date "00/00/00". This will capture all matters in your database.


Save your single-file export

After you have input your matter selection criteria, Click OK.

You will be prompted to enter a document name and save the file. We recommend leaving the default document name which incorporates the current date. Click Save

You will be prompted to select a Save location. This export file needs to be distributed to the Brief EnCounter users when it is complete. You can simply save the file to your Desktop now, then distribute it later. Or if you wish save the file to a specified folder on your network. Further discussion of distributing Matter List updates can be found here: Matter List Updates

On click of Save, Brief Accounting will build your Matter, Timekeeper, Rate and Codes list.

You can now distribute this list to the Brief EnCounter users.

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